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I'm a student of CCVP track and in the process of checking lab requirements for setting up Call Manager over the LAN. I've got all things setup, but ive this question that do I need a 3550 switches for POE. I think I can just use a normal 2950 switch and get external power adapter for my phone. It should work but what are the feature I may miss ? Does 2950 switch support auxiliary VLAN or switchport voice vlan feature ?
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CanalInsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As long as you specify option 150 in your DHCP scope for the phone, apply power to the phone through a PoE switch or a power injector, or a power brick and you verify that you can ping your callmanager servers from the network you are plugged into you will be good to go.

Voice traffic is just IP traffic so the same rules apply as far as connectivity. The option 150 in your DHCP scope will tell the phone where to download its settings from. You will define this option with the IP address of your callmanager servers.
GJHopkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes that will work fine. The difference apart from the 3350 being a L3 switch is that the QoS model is slightly different with the 3550 supporting more advanced policing features such as per-port/per-VLAN policing. Both these switches have a different QoS model from  the more commonly used 3560/3750 switches, but you won't miss out on much using a 2950.

 2950 does support the access vlan/voice vlan model.
nabeel92Author Commented:
hmm ok thanks for that info ... how about if i use a non-managed third party switch ? Ofcourse it wont support the switchport voice vlan command (coz simply its non-managed dumb switch) but would the Cisco IP phone still work ?
yes the phones will still work although you may have to do some manual configurations on the phones as their default config is to try and tag voice frames in the voice vlan. Not something I've ever done though.
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