Camcorder Recommendations?

I am looking for a high end consumer class HD camcorder. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? I am thinking of buying it on Newegg. Are flip camcorders any good?
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 this is fun question, i'll definitely go for canon 5d mk2.  but it's more like a slr :p
Thomas4019Author Commented:
I forgot to mention a price range, $500-$1000. Also I've noticed alot of digital slr cameras do HD video. Is this a Bette route to take. All useful comments will get assist points.


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  if u are planning on getting serious with videos/photography i would go for digital slr from canon. you will have the option to go for upgrades on lenses. if you are interested in just normal family fun shoot ,  a camcorder will do. if you are going for slr, avoid nikon and go for canon :D
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Yuliang11 is right, Canon is the way to go. I would recommend the recently-introduced Canon Rebel T2i. It's a DSLR, and the video footage is fantastic. Here's some sample footage:

It fits within your budget at about $900. My friend has the 7d, which is a step up--I think the video footage is comparable. The stuff he shoots straight out of the box is amazing.

Here's the product website:
Thomas4019Author Commented:
Looks Awsome!,

However I read this on the page
"Continuous Shooting Time
      Approx. 12 min. (1920 x 1080), 18 min. (1280 x 720), 24 min. (640 x 480)
Based on Canon's testing standards using a 4GB card "

Looks like I can only record for 24 min long continuously. I often record long interviews and would really like to record for several hours. Any suggestions?


looks good,
  i've always regretted that i'm a nikon user. t2i looks promising. 18mp is killer coupled with ability to have good videos i  think canon looks very promising. i feel canon is always one step ahead of nikon

 yes , there are still limitations with dlsr vids.  i heard that nikon dslr gets too hot when recording vids for a long time. on the other hand , i have VIXIA HV camcorders from canon seems good.
A V GeorgeCommented:
All multi-function devices have their limitations which is why most professionals and serious amateurs use dedicated devices for each task.
A digital SLR is designed primarily for taking still photographs. If your primary purpose is to shoot HD video, you should go for a HD camcorder.  
The Canon Vixia HF S10 Flash Memory HD Camcorder which captures in MPEG-4 format is a good option for your purposes though it is a single CCD camcorder.
Go for the costliest camcorder you can afford based on size of CMOS sensors (bigger the better), number of CCDs (3 better than 1), storage device (flash more convenient than tape for transfer,review and editing) and optical zoom (digital zoom does not count as it extrapolates pixels leading to quality loss).
Good Luck!
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