How to add a scroll bar to tabPage in C#


I have a C# application with 3 tabs.
I heed the third tab to include many parameters so I need it to be longer than others. I though to do it by adding a scroll bar. But scroll bar enable option does not give me the opportunity to change one tab's size - that I can enter more objects at the lower part of the page.

How to do it?
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Select the specific tabPage, set AutoScroll property to True.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Agree with senthurpandian.

You basically need to make the entire TabControl bigger so you can place the controls in the desired position on that particular TabPage.  Then, with AutoScroll set to True for the TabPage, when you make the TabControl smaller again the ScrollBars will automatically appear.
Chuck YetterCommented:
I would put a tab control with 2 tab pages onto the 3rd tab page so your users don't have to scroll it.
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