backup exec remote agent utility status shows a backup job is running""

One of our Backup job keeps hanging in the running state and has to be cancelled manually. When I check the tapes no data has been backed up. The  remote server is  being backed up by Backup Exec 11 d

On the remote server that fails  , the backup exec remote agent utility shows the status " a backup job is running"when I mouse over the icon in the task bar.I am sure no job is running . I have restarted the Backup exec service and it is still the same. I guess the jobs are hanging because of this. How can I reset this without having to restart the server.
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Mike ThomasConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If your still getting that message straight after a service restart could another scheduled job be starting another backup job?

Either way I would be inclined to reinstall the agent but this WILL require a reboot.

Is there anything in the job log which would indicate what has gone wrong?

ssoswAuthor Commented:
No,I am sure there is no jobs running. The job log does not show any error. The priority is for  SQL ser ver so it first verifies the databases then says backup started on first database and then nothing ... It just keeps showing status running and I have to cancel.
Are there any alerts in the 'alerts' section in Backup Exec? Sometimes it can be requesting the media be removed and might not be automatically prompting you to do so.
ssoswAuthor Commented:
reinstalled the agent
We are also facing the same issue on local server but instead of this we get job completion status like below
The network connection to the Backup Exec Remote Agent has been lost. Check for network errors.
Final error category: Resource Errors
 and showing error

V-79-57344-65301 - The System State resource is not responding. Backup set canceled.
V-79-57344-65301 - The System State resource is not responding. Backup set canceled.
Remote agent shows that backup is in progress but there is no backup runs that times.
I want to install the remote agent to local server but local installation is greyed out.


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