How should I make this network for my assignment?

Hi Experts

I have the follow assignment in short. I would just like some imput on idea I can look at for it. I myself would like to do this report in two parts - One Windows Network & One Linux Network.

You need to put in a solution that will cover the following requirements with these limitations for the following layout.

Secure traffic to & from each remote location
Email services
Network Authentication
File services
Virus Protection
Backup Strategies
Redundancy for core services (email, file shaing, authentication)
Staff need to move between locations

You only have $40,000 to spend
You can not change the internet plans

You will need to come up with the best solution within the budget of $40,000 for a company. This company has its main office & two other branch offices. The head office has 50 staff & an internet connection of 1/20mbps up/down. The two branches both have 10 staff & internet connections of a 512/512kbps up/down.

You may use Windows or Linux/Unix to set your network up on.
A combination of both Windows & Linux/Unix is acceptable providing it will work.

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As i always look for free solution, i will try to give you an idea how it might work

Secure traffic to & from each remote location : you need to use vpn connection between 2 site , you can use a product call ipcop which has ability to connect 2 sites (one to one ) its secure, or just use vpn connection between your sites .

Email services : use exchagne Server for more control

Network Authentication : Active Directory for easy solution or for free but hardway is LDAP (linux)

File services : use Samba (linux)
Virus Protection : any Antivirus will work

Backup Strategies : use SCript for linux and bbackup exec or NT backup for windows

Redundancy for core services (email, file shaing,  authentication)   :

file sharing : linux ( you can have 2 linux server with HA enabled : look at redhat clustering which is free

email : if you use exchange then windows has clustering facilities as well, you might have a look into that. but for linux base email(sendmail or postfix) , again clustering
authentication : if you use active directory then you might make primary domain controller and secondary domain controller (window base)

Staff need to move between locations : I did not understand what you meant

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Some ideas:

Virtualize. Slightly more costly to start with but cheaper in the long run:

Secure traffic to & from each remote location - Hardware VPN, for cost - Sonicwall
Email services - Exchange Server
Network Authentication - Server withing the virtual (server 2008)
File services - Server within the virtual (server 2008)
Virus Protection - Any enterprise grade product really
Backup Strategies - Backup to harddisk, cheaper than tape. Or even consider internet backup depending on your ISP
Redundancy for core services (email, file shaing, authentication) - take virtual snapshots, can be reloaded on any machine within minutes.
Staff need to move between locations - Wireless network? With seemless authentication? This would be costly but can be done. You can also have a single domain controller if you have hardware VPN clients.
hutnorAuthor Commented:
The staff moving to & from location means one or more staff members will go from one location to the other. We were told to plan the locations as having a distance of 500miles between them.
So we have to make sure when a staff member would go to another location for the week they can work like normal in the remote location.
Yea, if both locations have internet connection. Buy a hardware firewall router device that supports VPN. That way it will be like being in the same office
hutnorAuthor Commented:


I will go look all these up.
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