Cisco Gateway Router Specs ?

Hi Experts

I need Cisco Router Match this specs
Router Specs:
- must be compatible with cisco router 7206 VXR ( must be work with 7206 VXR if one fail )must another router still working
- interface  8 Ports Multichannel E1 PRI Port Adapter .
-interface  8 Port Fast Ethernet .
- must have 6 slot at least.
- Flash memory : 256 MB at least
- DRAM : 1 GB at least.
- support VPN
- support RIP , OSPF , BGP , static routing , SNMP V1,V2,V3 , RMON
- must be web based management .
- last version of IOS

Note : i need router doesn't exceed ( End of life , End of sale , out of support , out of production )

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We are using a Cisco 2921 with some extra memory (upgraded to one gig for full BGP tables) and made good expiriences so far.

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Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

But I need router newer than 7206 VXR

And as i noticed with your suggested router it has one service slot and i need router
with 6 free slot after adding supervisor engine and ( 8 multichannel E1  and 8 port fast Ethernet )

thanks for quick response

OK, in that class I'd suggest looking at the ASR1000 platform.
What are the constraints? Budget or just technical?
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Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

you can say Both

cause this specs for tender and must match all specs

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Based on your stated requirements, either the 6506 or 7606.
Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

Ok thanks for your response

is router ( cisco ASR 1004 ) meet what i want ...?

Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

i need to mention again i need 6 free slot after adding cards( E1 , Ethernet )
You need to look at the ASR 1004 to see it will have 6 slots after you add everything you want.

Off hand I would say either the ASR 1006 or 6509/7609.

However, it not always the number of slots, it what you can put in the the slots.  On the ASR 1000 series the slots are "1/2 size"  that is one physical "row" houses two slots where as on the 6509/7609 one row is one slot.  You may need two cards in the ASR to get the same port density as a single card on the 6509/7609.  

That is 2 slots on the ASR is equal to 1 slot in the 6500/7600 series.

So its port density, not necessary the number of slots.  It could b e that the 6506/7606 that donjohnston recommended will work because of port density.
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