P2015 Vista installation

I connected a P2015 to my new PC via USB. It will not install even though Vista ADD PRINTER says all USB devices will be detected. Looks like they forgot about this one. I downloaded drivers but that EZInstall utility does not find the printer either. Changed the port, still the same.
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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Does the PC see the printer when you plug it in? If not, try another usb cable, usb port, or another usb device, to see where the problem is.

If the PC does see the printer, install the driver and then plug the printer in. You may need to tell the Add Printer wizard the location of the decompressed driver files.

Use either the PCL or PostScript driver from this site:

Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
I tried two cables and can you believe it, when I tried one off another system it worked. What are the chances of 2 faulty cables, both new still in their wrapping?

Thanks very much.
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