How can I edit then automatically save a PDF file that has been uploaded to SharePoint Services 2007 without having to re-upload it again?

I have created several document libraries in SharPoint where I save my PDF, Word and Excel files.  Whenever I open a Word or Excel file in SharePoint then save it, the changes are saved to my file that is on SharePoint.  Whenever I do the same with a PDF file it saves the file locally and I have to then re-upload it.

How can I make PDF documents save themselves back to SharePoint like I can with Word and Excel files?
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sandipkhardeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It mean "explorer view"  any how you have to open and edit in Adobe only.

Once you opened your document library at right side there is View option where you need to choose "explorer view"  in explorer view.

here also same intruction you can find.
make sure you can open the Explorer View of the document library by selecting the Explorer View in the views drop down list.

You can then double click to open the PDF file to edit in the Explorer View just as in Windows Explorer. After editing, just click save.

If you had created a new PDF file, you can save the file into SharePoint document library with the UNC address like \\SharePointServerName\DocumentLibraryName\
evansjamAuthor Commented:
Hello sandipkharde:

Thanks for your help.

So are you suggesting that I have the PDF file open in Explorer and not Adobe Acrobat?

evansjamAuthor Commented:
Thanks.   I will get back to you shortly
evansjamAuthor Commented:
sorry for the late grade
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