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How to execute processes on other systems using psexec.


inside the VMware virtual machine I'm running Windows 7 as guest OS. Since my computer is not very powerful,I can't hear mp3 songs using winamp there,because it is resources hungry. So,I would like to play mp3 songs launching winamp from the command line inside the guest OS and I want that it run outside the VM,on the host OS (Windows 7,too). I'm using psexec.

I tried this :

c:\temp\psexec \\MARIETTO2008 "c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe"

but it run winamp with the gui and I don't need it,I want that winamp play an mp3 song by invoking the mp3 file name from the command line,like this : winamp.exe e:\downloads\mp3\rock\go go go.mp3.

it should be something like this :

c:\temp\psexec \\MARIETTO2008 "c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe e:\downloads\mp3\rock\go go go.mp3"

but it doesn't works because the syntax of the file name of the directory or volume is incorrect

where :

c:\temp : it's the location of the ps tools on the guest OS
MARIETTO2008 : it's the name of the host OS
c:\program files\winamp\ : it's the location of winamp on the host OS
e:\downloads\mp3\rock : it's the location of the mp3 on the host OS
"go go go.mp3" : is the name of the mp3 to play

the guest OS shares drive C: and the host OS shares drive C: and E:
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I don't have winamp to test it, however, your command-line's quotes are a little wrong.  Try:

c:\temp\psexec \\MARIETTO2008 "c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe" "e:\downloads\mp3\rock\go go go.mp3"

The program should be quoted on its own & the rest of the command-line is passed to that program on the remote machine as parameters.

You might like to add the -d command so that your psexec is not sat around waiting for winamp to exit (unless you already have winamp running there - I can't remember exactly winamp's behaviour).
marietto2008Author Commented:
it works partially,because winamp run on the host OS without the shoutcast source attached.
marietto2008Author Commented:
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