Chrome Extensions install issue. "could not create directory for unzipping".


I've being working with google extensions for a month without any issue and suddenly I'm getting the error "could not create directory for unzipping" whenever I try to install whatever extension.

I've also tried to do a complete uninstall of the application and no way.

Besides, I tried any solutions on the Internet, set TMP environment variables and install extensions in developer mode, but when I reboot Google Chrome I lose alll the extensions.

Thank you.
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What version of Chrome and operating system are you using? When you said you have been working with extensions, did you change the folder where extensions are installed?

Sounds like your Chrome profile is corrupt. If you have not done so, create new Chrome profile

Before creating profile, back up your bookmarks first.
JorgeSimarroVillarAuthor Commented:
Windows XP + SP3

Google Chrome

I aven't changed the folder where Extensions are installed. In fact, I don't know where the extensions are installed. What I mean is that I were able to install several extensions in the past till yesterday, whe I got the error described.

I've renamed the Default folder as you said and still getting the same error.

Thank you.
I have Windows XP SP3 and Chrome, and have no trouble downloading extensions.

Did you update an antivirus or antispam program?  One of these programs can interfere with Chrome.
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JorgeSimarroVillarAuthor Commented:
I'd also stopped the antivirus service and no way.

I have almost the same configuration in another computer and don't have any problem.
It could be a virus or malware. Check for virus and malware. Run
JorgeSimarroVillarAuthor Commented:
I'll try it, but it seems to be a general problem with Chrome. I have seen a lot of posts on the Internet related with the same issue.

I did more research, and found that this is a known issue. The problem is caused by the fact that the %TMP% folder is not under C:\. Usually caused by the fact that users use Junction folder to move the profile folder to different partition.  

1) A workaround is to create a folder name "Temp" under C:\   // This step is important, the folder has to exist.
2) Right click the Computer in Start menu and select Properties
3) Click Advanced System Setting
4) In System Properties windows, click Advanced tab
5) Click Environment Variables button
6) Under User variables list, double click TMP
7) Change Variable value: from "
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp" to "C:\Temp"

Restart Chrome then I was able to install the extension.


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JorgeSimarroVillarAuthor Commented:
Hi war1,

I did exactly what you posted but id didn't work, but it turns out that I had to reboot my computer.

Now it works like a charm.

Thanks a lot.
Jorge, glad extensions in Chrome is now working for you.
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