winbom.ini question

I am looking to add the following articles information into my sysprepped image

I am slightly confused by some of the sections and wonder if someone can clarify the issues I have with this article.

Issue 1 - The article states I need to put the "OemPreinstall=Yes is in the [Unattended] section" or the mass storage additives will not work correctly.  I am not using the unttend.txt in the i386 folder but I am using sysprep.inf and winbom.ini instead.  Which file do I then add this line to - winbom or sysprep.inf.  I cannot find an article that supports using this line in anything other than the unattend.txt which I am not using to my knowledge.

Issue 2- In section 5 the article describes editing the [disks] section but makes note to the "\" at the end.  This appears to me this must stay a \ but the following article appears to contridict this and state to but the full path without the drive letter
Conflicting article =
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OEMPreinstall=Yes resides in Sysprep.inf under Unattended.

If Microsoft states that there needs to be a trailing backslash, then I'd go with them.

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