Remove CFont well


I have a question about CFont. I use in the constructor of my class:

m_comboFont = new CFont();

Where I have "CFont* m_comboFont;" inside the header.

How I have to remove the m_comboFont in the destructor to avoid memory leaks?

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Hi Ocrana,

you have to first delete the GDI font and then the CFont, i.e.:

> m_comboFont->DeleteObject();
> delete m_comboFont;

But, before you can do this you have to be sure the font isn't still selected into a device context, otherwise you'll create GID leaks.

Hope that helps,

OcranaAuthor Commented:

my problem is that I get a bad heap crash if I call "delete" with any CFont there.  

AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
>>How I have to remove the m_comboFont in the  destructor to avoid memory leaks?

Just a general point, ALL memory allocated with 'new' must be deallocated with 'delete' to prevent memory leaks.  
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Probably you create this font somewhere in OnInitDialog or OnCreate. So you need to add an OnDestroy/OnDestroyWindow method and release such objects there.

You cannot delete any GDI object (the font in your case) if it is selected somewhere (you set this manually created font to a combo box). So firstly you need set a default font and the you call delete for your CFont object (DeleteObject should be called from the CFont destructor, if I remember correctly).

I propose you to ignore all this story and add a member to your window class, for example, CFont m_comboBoxFont (without *). So you will not need to write new and delete for this object and everything will work fine.
>> my problem is that I get a bad heap crash if I call "delete" with any CFont there.  

That's strange - could it be that you already delete the CFont anywhere else?

BTW: In fact the 'm_comboFont->DeleteObject();' isn't needed since it should be impliciteley called from CFont destructor.

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May be you have also a local declartion of CFont* m_comboFont ?
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