Citrix Error - An error type of "IMA" with an Error ID of "0x80000001" was reported by XML Service

We have a Presentation Server 4.0 Citrix Farm that is spread out across 2 sites.   We host the Citrix Web Interface as well as the Program Neighborhood Agent on the same server at site #1.   Last week we started experiencing issues with both Web Internface and PNA.   Here are the symptoms we are seeing.  In ALL cases, you just need to try 2 or 3 times and the connection will finally go through and remain stable.

1) When trying to connect to an application hosted at our remote Citrix Site #2 through Web Interface, the following error appears: "ERROR: An error has occurred while connecting to the requested resource" - This will finally connect after clicking 2 or 3 times and then all connections appear to be stable once initial connection is made.

2) When trying to connect to an application hosted at our remote Citrix Site through Program Neighborhood Agent, the following error appears: "The remote server failed to execute the application launch request.   Please contact your administrator for further details." - Again will connect after trying 2 or 3 times and then connection remains stable.

3) Intermittantly in Program Neighborhood Agent:  "Citrix XenApp could not contact the server.   Please check your network connection."   error message will appear, the icon will go gray with "Citrix XenApp - No Network Connectivity" error.

4) When logging into Web Interface:  "ERROR: An error has occurred while trying to enumerate your applications." - Once again, the user will try a few more times and eventually we can log in.

On all errors the following is seen in the event log on the Web Interface / PNA server:  An error of type "IMA" with an Error ID of "0x80000001" was reported by the XML Service at address "http://<server>:81"  [Log ID:xxxxx]

The only thing that differs is the Event Source and the Log ID.

Our Citrix environment has always been configured to use port 81.

I have rebooted the system hosting Web Interface and PNA as well as restarted the XML service on the referenced server.

Your assistance is appreciated.
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JManeelyCoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions guys, but after some digging it appears that the Citrix XML  Service on one of our Citrix 'member' servers became disabled and was unable to restart, causing all of the issues listed above.
A reboot of that server cleared up the problem.
In the AMC, click on the website and then in the task area choose web site tasks and then choose "rebuild website"  this should fix your issue.
JManeelyCoAuthor Commented:
Thank you.   I will try that this evening post-business hours.
Another suggestion would be to check the event viewer on the citrix server and see if it has any -2147483647 errors. I have had an issue like that and i ran "dsmaint recreaterade" to resolve it.
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