Track MAC addresses moving between VLANS

Hi All,
We have a client with multiple switches and multiple VLANS. We'd like a way to be able to tell when a client's MAC address moves from one VLAN to another i.e. the user moves him/herself from one port to another(on the floor). Its a mix of contractors and employees and we need to keep track of these moves.
Any general methods or pointers to resources appreciated.
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rsivanandanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way is to force the users to use a specific port (by defining the mac binding for the user's computer in the switch port). That way, if they need to move, they'd have to let you folks know first to have access.

Rajesh T Sivanandan
stranger9002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe you could use arpwatch - search it in google you'll see
Muhammed-RummanehConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Dear arakis
please check this link , the same case discussed

Good Luck
arakisAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delay - have split pints as fairly as I could.

Thanks for your input,

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