Integrating website to publish mobile adds

Integrating website to publish mobile adds
advertisement mobile
I am new to this so any information will be appreciated.
I want to develop a website that will let companies to post their adds. The problem is I want to have an option for mobile advertisement. Which means, that once the user select that option, his add will be published to mobile advertisements such as  Iphone, Nokia , Black Berry, windows mobile platforms.
So, with whom I should consult  to help me to accomplish this  ?
The point is to have one website with an options to advertise on the web ( my site ) and on the mobile devices.
What are the steps that I should take ?
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Are you familiar with Open-X?  It's an open source ad server you can use to serve ads.

More in line with you question...

The biggest player in mobile ads right now might be AdMob, I'd start with them.

The only other ad networks to reach profitability so far are inMobi & Admoda
John EarnshawCommented:
there is a great tutorial for detecting whether your user is using a mobile browser her:

PHP/MySQL is going to be the easiest/best way to build this kind of site using MySQL database for storing user registration data and advertising data as there is much information available on the internet for this programming language.

The best place to start is searching for beginner PHP MySQL tutorials and take it from there, as long as you have basic HTML knowlege you should pick it up quite quickly.
aldhubaib33Author Commented:
thanks for the comment
To better clarify my question, i want my website to work as Advertisement agency, that well help users to publish there adds to mobiles. So, I know there are some companies that I should work with in order to do this.
I am not looking for a code on how to do it. What I am looking for is with home I should work in order to do this.
I have attached a diagram that will help explain my question
One method that I have seen proposed, not sure if it was ever implemented in the wild.

Offer to create mobile versions of websites
Publisher assigns a cname to your server
You scrape/proxy their content and format it for mobiles automatically along with ads

The big problem is that "mobile" is becoming more and more capable, thus dedicated websites for mobile are less necessary. The $$$ in mobile advertising is geolocated thus you need a sales infrastructure that can reach local markets.
aldhubaib33Author Commented:
Thanks qwkq that is what i am looking for :)
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