Only one rule works in Mod_Rewrite

Hello this is my htaccess

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule webbdesign/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)\.html /pages.php?sid=$1&mpg=$2&mn=$3&sn=$4
RewriteRule (.*)/(.*)\.html /pages.php?mid=$1&mn=$2

RewriteRule webbdesign /index.php


But only this rule works

RewriteRule (.*)/(.*)\.html /pages.php?mid=$1&mn=$2

y? :(
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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Add the L option ( and try this:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule webbdesign/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)\.html /pages.php?sid=$1&mpg=$2&mn=$3&sn=$4 [L]
RewriteRule (.*)/(.*)\.html /pages.php?mid=$1&mn=$2 [L]
RewriteRule webbdesign /index.php [L]

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sahanlakAuthor Commented:
It works, thanks a lot. Have few questions. I believe that [L] is limiting ? how does that help?

And other one I'm using relative links so this is the prob.

Before mod rewrite this was my page

when the page views with modrewrited URL,  my other links in the bage starts with ""  how to stop that
Where in your HTML code you have
<a href="pagename.html">Pagename</a>
That you expect to link to, simply put a "/" slash before the url, to make tha path absolute, instead of relative to the current URL
<a href="/pagename.html">Pagename</a>
will always point to
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nope [L] is last, stop rewriting here and do no further rewriting.
sahanlakAuthor Commented:

When I add this rewrite rule FCK editor @ my back-end not working. Whats the prob ?
sahanlakAuthor Commented:
Works perfect, thanks
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