HP 6310 Scanning Problem


I have a HP 6310 all in one printer/scanner.

I am having problems scanning documents where whenever I try to scan documents using the different scanning options HP's software provide, it either comes out with good quality but way too large file size (typically a black and white document comes to about 3MB per page) or a low quality (very poor / unreadable) with 200KB.

I was wondering if any of you have any idea how to go about it.

HPs customer support is terribly horrendous and the user manual is similar to junk.

Please help.

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grantnessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How much scanning do you do?  If you are running XP, there is built-in Microsoft Imaging for ad-hoc scanning.  I'm sure there is a real path to the EXE but I usually just choose my scanner in the Control Panel under Scanners and Cameras and double click.  This launches the Wizard, where you can select scan type and quality, scan, and save in a number of formats.

Some rough guidelines:

Fax Quality is B&W 150dpi
Document Quality is Greyscale 300dpi (or higher if you have images or dense/fine print)
Photo quality is arguable - Color and the higher the DPI the better, but the bigger the file in the end

TIF format gives non-lossy compressed images (resize well on the screen, has an acceptable filesize, supports multipage - useful for documents)
JPG format gives lossy compression (don't resize as well, but offer better filesizes particularly for sharing with friends via web or email, still supports multipage)
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Those file sizes are not really that big.

What you might want to try and use, if the documents do not have any graphics in them, is just use a program that uses OCR( optical character recog). I checked the manual, but it just says, "Integrated OCR software automatically converts scanned text to editable text" so not sure what software this made by or it's just HP own.
I know you can buy scanner OCR software seperately.
Omnipage by Nuance:


There most likely is some type of trialware or express version of some OCR software that came with the scanner.

Googled this free software, but not sure how good it is:
imamdaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks wirednet

But i dont want to convert scanned text to editable text. and occassionally there may be some documents with a graphics (logo or table or something) which I want to be scanned as is and save it in any format, either pdf, jpeg, tif. Whichever works.

you can try vuescan, and see what it does : http://www.hamrick.com/
imamdaniAuthor Commented:
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