Get soft that knows LPT port only to Print to USB printer

I have software that recognizes LTP port only. A new printer has USB interface only (USB001). How can I get the software to print on a new printer?

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Use net use to redirect the printer:

You can use a network share and share it out on a server/ another computer, or even on your own computer,

then You can create a batch file to do this or just run this command at the CMD prompt

Net use lpt1: \\server\sharename /persistent:yes

This will map the printer to LPT1 port.

Net use /? at cmd prompt for options

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antimacos is correct, that is the simplest way to do it. I'd just like to emphasise something he said: the printer *must* be shared, even if you only connect it to your own PC. Redirection does not work unless the printer is shared.
next ability.
set on printer pooling and select additional LTP1 port :)
for example, enable lower selector, and select additional port.
Another point. I assume your software runs under DOS. Many usb-only printers are GDI printers which rely on Windows' graohics engine to convert the page into dots on the page. These printers do *not* understand commands sent by DOS applications. If you redirect LPT1 to USB, they will probably not print anything at all; at worst they will print gibberish.

If your printer is like that (you did not give us a model) DOSprn can be used to send DOS print commands to the printer. It will grab the commands sent to LPT1 and convert them into commands the printer understands. Download it from:
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