Excel Share Workbook Greyed Out

I have a folder on the server that contains several Excel docs.  I have been able to do Share Workbook on all of them for years.  Today a manager had me move an excel doc he had created on his pc to the server.  I can't share the workbook.  I have done it this way in the past (created on a pc then moved to the server) without issue. I did read where you can't share if there is List Data.  I did the convert list data from the tools menu but I still can't share it.  I have Full Control. I believe something in the doc itself is holding it up.  It appears to be like all the other files when I open it.  Maybe there is a formula or something causing the problem?
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hindsightAuthor Commented:
Yeah. Probably.  I am just going to recreate them when I have time.
This comment is not really meant as a solution, but is there any other way that you can accomplish what you want to do without using the Sharing feature of Excel? (Access, for instance). The reason for my suggestion is that your workbook is vulnerable to corruption when you use this feature on a server with multiple users.
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