Select control in table from array

Fairly new to PHP and could use some design assistance.  I have a page that contains a table.  That table is populated from a multi-dimensional array stored as a session variable.  I want to add a select list in one of the table columns and, when the value changes, update the appropriate array elements and refresh the page.  Must use the array because we don't want to commit the records to the mySQL database until they are complete and approved, in case the user just closes the browser without approving.

I've tried several different approaches, but can't seem to get it right, so I think I'm just on wrong track from a program flow point of view.  What's the best/recommended way to accomplish this?  Any suggestions and code snippets would be deeply appreciated.

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Pravin AsarConnect With a Mentor Principal Systems EngineerCommented:
From the description of the problem, I think following could work for you.

springthorpeSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for replying.  Looks more sophisticated than I need and, at first glance, is probably over my head to implement, but at least you took the time to offer assistance.  I'm very grateful.
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