Manually editing ntbackup bks file in notepad

I have done a fair bit of research on this and have hit a blank. I am trying to simplify the nightly backup by use of scripts. I have everything working, my only stubbling block is getting the bks file to load.

If I edit the bks file in notepad, ntbackup launches, then fails immediately without error. There are loads of websites saying that this should possible, and I have indeed done this in the past, HOWEVER, it seems that microsoft changed something in notepad, and when saving a unicode text file, it now writes a header that ntbackup cant handle.

I am aware that I can create the file through NTBackup GUI, however my preference is to do it through notepad for ease of setup. Use of %EnvironmentVariables% would be a bonus, but I may be pushing it with that one.

I have experimented with notepad++ (saving and unicode without BOM) with no joy. I have also looked at a binary editor, but is more messing around than the GUI.

Any ideas on how I can save this file?
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B HCommented:
what exactly are you trying to do?  launch a backup by using a script?

or edit the content of a bkf file while using notepad?  if this, in hopes to achieve what?
B HCommented:
as i re-read your question i see you said bks and not bkf.

in this case: is all about launching ntbackup, and is about editing bks files

but, here's the gotcha:

instead of saving it as unicode, save it as ANSI... for example, newfile.bks (in ansi format)
then, launch a command prompt in unicode mode, like this:
start > run > cmd /U

go to the file you made - newfile.bks
enter this:
type newfile.bks > newjob.bks
del newfile.bks

this pumps it from ansi to real unicode, and then you delete the ansi version
you'll also have your original, unedited version as the source bks file you started with, but the newjob.bks is the edited one, in unicode format

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noooodlezAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks for the response.
OK, got around to trying this and it a couple of snags. Probably best if i describe the behaviour that I am seeing.
Using the example above...
» newjob.bks is created and launched. (the fact it is launched is an annoyance).
» The contents of the bks file are displayed to me.
» I close newjob.bks (I am not prompted to save as I have not affacted any changes).
» On reopening the file to view contents, it is empty / 0kb.

Am i missing something? A text editor is still my preferred option, but this is certainly a viable working solution.
B HCommented:
how is it launching... you're just saving it right?
i don't know if there's a graphical way to edit/save it without changing the headers
noooodlezAuthor Commented:
Finally got around to finishing this project. I mis-read/typed the original post so solution works!!

Many thanks for your advice.
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