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I have a CSV file with 3 fields,  PatronID, LastName, and AccountBalance.  I want to create a site similar to this http://fortcherry.schooltoweb.com/lunchbalance/find.php  so that parents can type in their student's lastname and pin number to see their lunch account balance.

I have MySQL and a new database created.  I log into phpMyAdmin and create a new table.  Add the fields and import the CSV file, however I can only see the first field listed.  I have PatronID as INT,  LastName as Text utf8-general, and AccountBalance as Decimal.  

This is where I am and have no idea how to go any further.

Thank you in advance
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open phpmyadmin

use the table
and import using CSV using LOAD DATA
and use the Fields terminated as in CSV file

for more detail refer to

fferrelAuthor Commented:

OK this works!   All I need now is a sample code for putting this on a website.
u want to upload CSV file into table using PHP....
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fferrelAuthor Commented:
I already did that.  I can search for results in phpMyAdmin and get the correct output.  I don't know how to create the code for this specific search....

Input  PatronID
Input  LastName


Output AccountBalance

for it do


   //execute ur query and display the result.
fferrelAuthor Commented:
I created a .php that is connected to my database.  I created a generic form with the code listed above.  I have no idea what I am doing beyond this point.  Should I output to a label or text?  

I have a programming knowledge but this is my first time working in php.

This is where I'm stuck (see screen shot).  

So far your help has been tremendous.  Thank you.
fferrelAuthor Commented:
Basically how do I enter in the code to use this form and how do I output,  text or label?

Thank you.
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