Convert / Open lotus 123 (.wk4) files in Excel 2007

I want to open lotus 123 files in Excel 2007, later on I will want to be use Excel 2010, but for now Excel 2007.

I know that lotus 123 is NOT support in Excel 2007.

But I have hundreds of lotus 123 files going back some time.

I could run Office 2003, as it can import 123 files, but I don’t want to unless I have to.

I could run , lotus 123 and convert it into Excel docs, but I would prefer not to do so.

I could run Open office; but I don’t want to open that door full stop, minus 500 points to any one that suggests it :-).

I have seen “Information about certain file types that are blocked after you install Office 2003 Service Pack 3” (, and that dose talk about lotus files being blocked (.wk1, .wk4, .wj3, wk1 .wks, .wk3, wk3 .wj2, .wq1, .wj1 ) but I could not find a way of unblocking them. But this is talking about 2003 and not 2007.

I have worked out a data import workaround for a “.WKS” compatible spreadsheets. But it does not import the formulas into Excel 2007, only the data. To do this open a new or empty workbook open, then select the Data Ribon. Then from Other Sources    select “From xml Data Import”, then browse & select the file and change Files types to "All files", then select and open. That gives you the data, formatting, and no formulas, just raw values where the formulas where.

But want I want is data and formula!

Are there any addins, any free or any paid for apps, or scrips or any way what so ever of reading .wk4 files in Excel 2007?
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
I suggest that you open all files in 2003 and then save them in .xls

You might like to use a macro to convert all files. This would save you any further hassle taking care of .wk* files
Joseph_HallAuthor Commented:
Hi ssagibh
As I said in my question, I could use Excel 2003, but I said I dont much want to.  by script I assume you are talking about a script in office 2003.

In a world where Office 2003, and lotus 123 has not been installed, you may well come to inherit lotus 123 files perhaps from an old office So one hopes there is a good way of doing this that does not mean installing additional apps such as office 2003, lotus 123, or open office.

Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
I have encountered a few, and I am sure that there are more, instances where softwares have discontinued support for some or all features of previous versions. So the scenario

"In a world where Office 2003, and lotus 123 has not been installed..."

really does not have much weightage. Besides a huge time gap has formed since Excel took over lotus. I myself used to have lotus files as that was where I learnt spreadsheets and excel was nowhere to be seen. I had converted all those files quite some time ago.

There are some commands/features that were available in 2003 and are no longer supported. One very critical feature is the menu system. I have not yet moved to 2007 fully because I am not comfortable with its menu system. But I would very soon have to move over because backward compatibility is very soon going to be phased out. So there is really not much that can be done about this.

And supposing you do find a way out, I seriously doubt that it would last very long.


P.S. I am facing a serious problem in autocad where I have numerous programs developed in VBA and autocad has announced that it would discontinue VBA from future releases. Imagine convering code from one language to another.

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Joseph_HallAuthor Commented:
Hi ssaqibh:
The majority of our uses wont have done more than basic maths, I would have that was doable.
My given problem bow is sorted by the fix i gave my self of doing a "From xml Data Import". I thats wanted right now is raw data .. so thats all good. but its only a matter of time before some bright spark wants more than raw data.

Diverting a lil .. while i have long way before I am realy ok with the ribon, as there are still tones of things I new how to do that I cant .. it realy is verry good when you get to know it.

Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
I really wish that you do find a solution to your problem but the very stringent constraints in your question would keep quite a few experts from attempting to answer.
Hello I have this issue with Excel 2010. I do not have the .wk4 option in Trust Center to open it or even save it. Is there an add-in that allows for this or a workaround to view contents? Excel would be the best bet because the user can then grab a small portion of the data and make calculations through Excel itself without having to transfer it over manually.
A solution that actually addresses ALL the needs and wants of the question is to install Gnumerics spreadsheet. It will read wk1 and wk4 files and save them out to an Excel format. I have tried this myself and with a client to solve an issue of needing to open archival wk4 data on an Office 2010 install. Note that Open Office will NOT open wk4 files. I tried with 4.0.0 and it just crashes OO calc.
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