tag dscp value of ef for ips with specific source and destination address on cisco 3560 switch

i would like to use service-policy command or equivalent on the interface f0/1-48 ports of a 3560e switch so that any voip packet which is unmarked for whatever reason ( left out) will be marked by the cisco switch and guarented bandwidth is available.

this works with 4507 --service policy input marking but with 3560s i am not able to mark the packets with the correct dscp value using "service policy input "

sniffer output shows that udp rtp stream dscp value set to 0x0 -- even when we are trying to mark it to 46.

the same config works fine on 4507s no issues. any inputs will be appreciated
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I can't recall if the 3560's support NBAR, but if they do, this will do the trick:

!!Match VoIP Traffic
class-map match-any MARK_VOIP
 match protocol rtp audio
 match protocol rtsp
 match protocol sip
!!Set DSCP to EF for traffic that matched to the above criteria
policy-map MARK_QOS
 class MARK_VOIP
  set dscp ef

!!All traffic with a DSCP value of EF, gets attached to the APPLY_VOIP class
class-map match-any APPLY_VOIP
 match  dscp ef
!!Set the amount of bandwidth allocated to the traffic matched to the APPLY_VOIP class
policy-map APPLY_QOS
  priority 300

Then, on your local LAN interface, issue the following command (e.g on interface Vlan1):
service-policy input MARK_QOS

Then, on your internet facing interface, issue the following command (e.g Dialer1):
service-policy output APPLY_QOS

If the 3560 does not support NBAR, use this version of the "class-map match-any MARK_VOIP" command instead:

class-map match-any MARK_VOIP
 match access-group name QOS_DATA

Then create an ACL that matches the port numbers and/or IP addresses of the data you want to apply the QoS to.

ip access-list extended QOS_DATA
permit udp any eq 5060 any
permit udp any any eq 5060
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