Cisco AP 1242AR Troubleshooting

I have several cisco 1242 access points, i would like to know how to show connected devices to the access points.  Additionally I can only access them via cmd line.
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Cisco 1242 has also web based user interface. You can see connected devices there.
w33mhzAuthor Commented:
Well I don't have access to the web interface
w33mhzAuthor Commented:
The network I am on is restricted from the network the WAPs are on, I have to telnet to a switch my network has access to that can access the vlan the WAPs are on.
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Do you try to connect to device LAN IP address from cable? What do you get in browser?
You will have to connect your PC in WAP VLAN using cable (probably faster) or configure access to that VLAN for port 80.
This link is only to show you how web based interface looks:

You can see connected devices on summary page -> clients link.
w33mhzAuthor Commented:
Well thats great, its not like I can't google and find how to do via web interface.  I need to be able to do it via cmd line.
w33mhzAuthor Commented:
I got it figured out,
EXEC privledge cmd
show dot11 associations

show dot11 associations all-client  - this shows detailed output of each client.

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Thank you very much for defining me an IDIOT!
Yes, I am an idiot for bothering to try to help you.

Sometimes I would really like to have some sort of personal black list option on EE.
w33mhzAuthor Commented:
Whatever dude, if you read the part about me only having access to the command line, one would figure that I would need a solution for command line not web interface.  I am tired of people like you who post solutions to problems I don't have.  This seems to be a growing trend on here since you get points for just posting.  This is a pay for service that some people pay to get correct solutions, not solutions to problems they didn't already have.  
If I did have access to the web interface I would have figured it out either by just going to and looking around or via google.  The command line method was taking a while to search for and I didn't want to dig through the command line reference guide (which I ended up doing).
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