Given <td class="fn n">, what is the meaning of "fn n"?

I found the html fragment:

<td class="fn n">

Are the classes fn and n special reserved CSS classes?  There was no CSS style that defined these two classes.  Does anyone have an idea what these are?
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erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
it using microformats . you can read more about it here
an element have have multiple classes. Each class name needs to  be separated by one or more spaces. On your post, you have TWO classes - "fn" and "n".

>>There was no CSS style that defined these two classes.
That is fine. I have seen several instances where you need to add classes to elements that will aid in scripting, but not necessarily need to add css definitions/rules.

 For example:
Zip: <input type='text' class='required numeric'/>

With javascript, I would be able to extract the class and use that information for purposes of doing validation on the field and NOT have an css classess defined.

So, no, there is NOTHING special about "fn n".

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jwright9Author Commented:
Sounds like fn and n are undefined style classes that don't get interpreted in the final web page since they are not defined in a CSS file.  Also, they can be used for identifying fields for validation purposes during scripting.  Let me know if this sounds correct.
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That's correct. Basically if you don't find a css rule for those classes, chances are they are used for something other than css. I am not saying that "fn" and "n" are being used for validation in scripting. I am saying that in general you can use classes - whatever class names you want - in your markup to help/aid with your scripting.  If infact those classes are used in the context of microformats, than I could use the fact that fn stands for full name and potentially use that "knowledge" to validate the field to restrict it to letters, hyphens, spaces, and apostrophes.
jwright9Author Commented:
Uping the point value.
jwright9Author Commented:
Thanks to both of you guys.  I really appreciate a real world example in the explanation.  That is why hielo got the lion's share of the points.
jwright9Author Commented:
Hielo, I would hire you in a minute. Take care.
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