Need to copy from folder by date range

I need to copy from a folder with several subfolders to a new folder with the same subfolder structure.   I need to copy only files within a specific date range.   Can I do this with xcopy or robocopy?   BTW, the data is on a 2003 server.

Gary Fuqua, CISSPOwnerAsked:
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lee555J5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The date options for xcopy will not do what you need with the dates.
robocopy will do what you want.
You will need the /S or /E for the subfolders structure.
You will need the /MAXAGE /MINAGE or the /MAXLAD /MINLAD options for your date requirements.

In the resource kit Command Shell, type robocopy /? for options.
If you specify what you are trying to do, I can help you with the syntax.
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