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I just recently installed ESXi on a server as a backup of a dying server, until we find a more "permanet" solution, which may well be the VM server itself. My question is, there are a few scripts that need to be run as a user, they poll another server for data every minute and input that into an ODBC connection to another server, is there a way to leave the user with the program running logged in once I close vsphere? Is vsphere more like a remote desktop or a ssh connection (that once dropped or killed kills all associated processes)?

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All you need to do is keep the user logged in and lock the desktop. When you close out the VM console, that doesn't log the VM off or anything. :)


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Just to clarify - when you log into the ESXi host, then open up a VM console (either as a tab, or separate window), you then log into that VM like a physical box. You can close the VM Console window, as well as log out of the vSphere Client, and the user stays logged in with the specified user.

Hope that helps. Let me know otherwise.

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