DHCP in windows 2008 not assigning IP s to client

we have dhcp server on Cisco switch and we want to change it to win2008 server.
When we tried to change that sevrer, it is not giving IPs to clients.
WIN dhcp is activated but clients are not getting IPs.
please help
1.error on WIN 2008 server
msg:This computer has at least one dynamically assigned IPv6 address.For reliable DHCPv6 server operation, you should use only static IPv6 addresses.

2 error:1056
msg:The DHCP service has detected that it is running on a DC and has no credentials configured for use with Dynamic DNS registrations initiated by the DHCP service.   This is not a recommended security configuration.  Credentials for Dynamic DNS registrations may be configured using the command line "netsh dhcp server set dnscredentials" or via the DHCP Administrative tool.

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First of all disable the ip v6 on the DHCP server from the network card properties, then make sure you authorized the server to release ip addresses, give nthat your scope is ipv4 scope.
Also make sure you have disabled the DHCP on the router. Windows will deactivate its DHCP scope if it detects another DHCP Server on the network. (might only be for multiple Windows DHCP I can't remeber)
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
It is already disabled IP V6 and disabled the existing DHCP server.Is autherised the win server also.
Plrase find the attachment for the netwotk card properties.
Thanks for the quick reponse.
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Are you running Hyper-V on that Server?
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
No..not running
Any chance you have VLANS or more than one subnet? Is there two NICs in the Server, you may have to set the bindings?
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
Yes..we have 7 no.s VLANS.
gateway and switch IP is
subnet is
Address pool is to
ADS ,dns and dhcp is
VLANS are to
Okay, you will have to build a scope for each subnet. Then you will have to configure a DHCP relay for each subnet on your router. What do you have for a router?
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
I donot understand....can you please explain.

DHCP is a brodcast based protocol. It is not routable. Your router/L3 switch  knew about all of your subnets because it owned them all. Your Windows server is only aware of its own subnet so it is only capable of issuing DHCP on its own subnet.
You will need to configure a separate DHCP scope on your Windows server for each of your subnets: -
Once that is done you will have to configure your router/L3 switch to forward those DHCP packets to each of your subnets. To do this you will need to use the dhcp helper command on your cisco hardware.
Here is a good walk through for the cisco configuration:

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fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
let me try with this....seems it is tough job
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot man..you are rocking.

Gr8 it is working.
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
thanks you very much.
Glad to hear it is working.
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