USB Storage via Ethernet

Hi Experts,

I'm looking for a solution to make 2''5 USB Drives networking-able.
For server backup we prefer 2 USB Drives which 'll be changed every day.

Terminating USB direct to Servers USB Port is quite tricky cause drive letter can be changed, so backup-software on server might have a problem.

Terminating USB2Ethernet Converter (i.g. Lindy USB over IP Server No. 42890) doesn't work because running linux can only FAT32 FileFormat. (uh... 4 GB Files ...)
Other Solution (USB2Ethernet) use EXT-x and can't read 'n' write NTFS volumes also.

So we thing about an embedded Linux:
2 X USB 2.0
1 x Ethernet 10/100 MB or 1.000 MB
Reading, Writing NTFS Volumes (mentioned USB Drives)
Flash device to configure 'n' upload linux
a web server to configure main data as ip adress, mask, dns ... and alert messages via port 80 or smtp
a syslog device to log data to TFTP server, nagios

any ideas?

reredokIT ConsultantAsked:
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HappyCactusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my opinion, this is the best solution. Linux is very flexible, so you may think, in future, install some other service.
But an embedded hardware can pose some additional problem (if it is a standard hw, ok, but some software may require recompilation, and a development branch, cross compiling...)
In effects, such an embedded hardware is nothing else than a small form factor and low power server... maybe a small profile pc can fit your needs, with the indeed advantage to have many "standard" distribution available... Something like a small, fanless pc (like lex computech: )
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