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I have an application that I want to migrate to Win server 2008r2 IIS.
This appllcation is currently running on Win server 2003 IIS.
This application accesses files located on a network share.  In IIS6, I could rename the account that IIS used to log in with, give it a strong password, then recreate the user name and password on the server housing the share.  This allowed the web server to get to the information on the share.

I can't figure out how to do this in IIS7?

So, Can I have IIS login using another user name?
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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
Hi there,

You shouldn't change/rename and builtin accounts. To achieve what you are looking for it is called delegation. You can achieve this by:

1. Configuring the Application pool Identity for the full site. See links below


2. Open IIS Manager
3. Select the folder you want to have access to your network resource.
4. Select Authentication, Right click on "Anonymous Authentitication"
5. click SET a custom identity.

Here are some other tutorials for you.

Configuring IIS Application Pool Identities

Accessing the Network

IIS 7 uses a built in account with dynamic security and thus needs no password. By changing the security, you would in effect be changing to a LESS secure model.

This would not be recommended, much less very difficult to perform.

vollmesgAuthor Commented:
Setting the custom identity did not work, but following the tutorial, I was able to give the machine anonymous access to the network share.
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