PowerBuilder How to find a window giving a window function ?

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I'm facing a problem with a new project, before me someone listed  window functions that will need to be maintained but didn't give the windows that owns them... (version 6.5)

There´s an easy way to find it ? (I mean without open a lot of them, one by one, looking for the requireds window functions).

Thanks in advance

Eduardo FuerteAsked:
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If you go into the Library painter, you can search all windows in any given PBL at one time. If the previous developer follow some naming convention, you can search for the prefix (std naming would be wf_) and the search results will show every function following that standard. The output can be printed. You have to search each pbl one by one but you can search multiple windows at once. The screenshot attached is an example from PB 6.5.

Use the search option by right clicking on the pibble
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:

I guess it's not so simple.

The problem is to find the windows that owns a relation of window functions (one by one) without window's names that owns each window functions.

Someone related the windows functions but didn't correlated one wiith other.
PB allows to create functions with the same name in two different windows or objects. Let me try to explain it by example.

1. say there are two windows in your application (w_win1 and w_win2)
2. w_win1 has function wf_test
3. w_win2 also has the function wf_test
4. In open event of w_win1 when you call wf_test it will call the same windows function
5. In open event of w_win1, if you want to call wf_test of w_win2 you need to call by w_win2.wf_test

Hence in short looking at the function from where it is being called you can easily come to know that the function belongs to which window. If it is prefixed by any object then it's the function of that object otherwise it's the function of the same object.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
The better approach of the issue. Thanks !
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