Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with latest bootrom

Hi all, Looking to install third party applications (not signed by apple) in iPhone but unable to do so. Seems like i need to jailbreak the phone before I could install them. did some research on this and found that if I have to break the new bootrom, I need to purchase some software's out there. please help if there is any other option that i can try for free. Also my phone is carrier locked, looking to break that as well.

iPhone 3GS
3.1.3 (7E18)
Modem Firmware/Base band: 05.12.01

Thanks in advance...
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
We are unable to answer questions regarding jail-breaking iPhones on Experts Exchange as it is in breach of the membership agreement.

Jailbreaking itself is not illegal.  It is a breach of the iPhone contract but thus voids your warranty but does not make you a criminal.  What you DO with the jailbreak is what is illegal.  

The 3.1.3 jailbreak on your baseband is possible.  No developers have released it due to Apple's new firmware (which they hope to be able to use the same exploit on, to jailbreak).  Some developers are saying that they will release a jailbreak later this month but there is no 100% answer.  Since you cannot downgrade to jailbreak, you will have to just sit and wait for a new 3.1.3 05.12.01 jailbreak.

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ashwin_kumar525Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to install few freeware/shareware software's that are not signed by apple.
Speedy is right: Jailbreaking itself is not illegal.  It is a breach of the iPhone contract but thus voids your warranty but does not make you a criminal.  What you DO with the jailbreak is what is illegal.  

In this case I can tell you that for the 3.1.3. version I have used Spirit which worked like a charm, it's free and you can find it in Google. It very easy to use when your phone is connected to the itunes just click the button and that's it.

Your carrier unlock is a whole different story, seen the fact that a lot of providers to not wish to see any of their customers leave, especially not with iPhones that belong to a specific provider you are not a customer of. I had this problem with the Dutch T-mobile for I personally use Vodafone.

As Speedy already mentioned is that it's recommended to sit and wait for the new version upgrade of your iPhone, for during this period the new crack will be unleashed as well. Because there is a high probability that when carier unlocked phones ( done via software ) are being upgraded to the new Firmware will be locked again.

I have unlocked my iPhone via the orinal provider with a really lame excuse and they unlocked it for me otherwise it would've cost me € 120,-- Sometimes it takes a couple of calls before they actually go for it though :)

I suggest you try to contact your iPhone provider ( or check their site for unlock information ) and try to do this via the normal procedures.
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