2008 RDS - Single Session & locally attached printers


Im not sure if anyone can help, but I cannot seem to find an answer or if I am not wording it correctly into the google!

Im looking to implements 2008 R2 with RDS running.  This will be 2 machines in a farm. Broker and dns round robin.

Users will be connecting via thin clients that will have locally attached printers, some users need to swap between these thin clients, im looking to have single session policy in place.  I am trying to work out if this will happen, if not, how do I make this happen.

User connects to machine 1 and prints from local printer
User then connects to machine 2, session follows user from machine 1, and default local printer is now machine 2's.

Make sense?! any weblinks or terminology on what im looking for would be great!
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Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
I'm almost losing you reading the question but I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

PC1 - Printer A
Joe User connects from here to RDS farm, prints from the RDS host.  Then he moves to
PC2 - Printer B
On this PC, Joe connects to RDS farm resuming or taking over his initial session and prints from Printer B.

If this is correct then it should work fine.  Your session broker will reconnect Joe back to the proper server/session and printer redirection will remap Printer B to his session.  He will lose his redirection to Printer A however.  
lost_in_dataAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I figured this was the case but couldnt find anything on the matter, guess i will google printer redirection.
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