Google Analytics SIte Search not displaying correct search terms being used

I have Google Analytics and Webtrends working side by side. When I go to Google Analytics Site Search results, the search terms it is displaying are the Webtrends camping IDS that are in the url. Has anyone seen this before. Am I doing somethign wrong in the set-up?
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KrzyviewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad to hear sorry I didn't get back sooner was very busy yesterday.
Can you show the string of what Google is showing you an Image Screen shote?

Google can expect commands in a URL for the tracking purposes of different types of campaigns. What type of filters does your account have on them?
asaworkerAuthor Commented:
An example scenrario would be:
User gets an e-mail with a link that points to When they come to the site the wt id is in the url. Thye do a search on the site for the term 'loans' using the site Google custom search. Google Analytics picks up\ that they searched for e00p instead of the term 'loans'.
I don't have any filters currently set-up only certain paramaters disabled for search results. Please see attached image of analytics report.

asaworkerAuthor Commented:
I found the issue. I had the wrong parameters in the search query field. Instead of using the q parameter that site seacrh uses for searching I had the Webtrends campigns parameters there instead. That is why the reports had campaign ids in them. I found the solution at:
asaworkerAuthor Commented:
Please award points to Krzyview for helping me research the issue
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