Firewall will not boot IOS automatically

I have a Cisco ASA 5500 series firewall. Last week the firewall lost it's IOS. I used my PC as a TFTP server and TFTP'd the IOS file from another 5500 that i have onto the firewall that dropped it's IOS. Now the only problem i have is that it will not boot to the IOS. It goes into ROMMON every time i reload. If i type "boot" in the ROMMON prompt it will boot just fine to the IOS. I have tried the "boot system flash:/asa722-k8.bin" command but it's still not working. I can see the file in a "sho flash" and if i do a "sho version" it says the system image file is "disk0:/asa722-k8.bin", which all seems right. Why wont this thing boot properly?
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I do not understand why there is a "boot system disk0: / flash".
Deleting this line should solve the problem.
fw-flightline#no boot system disk0:/flash
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
5505 or 5510 do you have?
ISRAdminAuthor Commented:
It's a 5505.
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can you provide the output of "show flash" and "show config | i boot" ?

my guess is that you have 2 OS versions in flash, and one is corrupted.  If you have 2 boot statements, it's likely that the bad image is being booted from power on, rather than the good one.
ISRAdminAuthor Commented:
Here you go, hope this helps.

fw-flightline# sho flash
--#--  --length--  -----date/time------  path
    2  2048        Apr 12 2010 07:37:52  log
    6  2048        Apr 12 2010 07:38:10  crypto_archive
   60  14635008    Apr 12 2010 09:21:52  asa722-k8.bin

fw-flightline# show config | i boot
boot system disk0:/asa722-k8.bin
boot system disk0:/flash
try this:
conf t
no config-register
wr mem
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