how to set up OE with two different ISP involved

XP Pro with Outlook Express.  How do I set up the account structure where the home ISP is ROGERS out of Canada and the currently connected ISP for broadband is in the states in this case called HARGRAY.  The objective is to receive and send mail from the states off of the Hargray ISP.   I think the mail server should be "" and the SMTP server should be "" or should it be ""?  I assume the account name should be the one associated with ROGERS.  Can someone please confirm?  Thanks.
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jasfoutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The hargray servers are:
Incoming -
Outgoing -

Just to clarify if needed...
The ISP that you are connected to will not affect your incoming server for receiving mail.  The incoming server will always be the server in which your email is hosted. So if your email address is, the incoming server will always be regardless of which ISP you are on.
The outgoing server may need to change depending on which ISP you are using and how they have their security setup.  Many ISP's block port 25 for use with mail servers other than their own.  In these cases, you have the option of using the outgoing server of the ISP that you are connected to...or contact the foreign mail server to find out proper remote settings & ports.
May need you to describe in slightly more detail.

If you want to send & receive mail from the Hargray ISP, then you need post the mail & SMTP servers pointing to them...
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
The mail and smtp definitions were very complex.  I was able to contact someone famiiiar with Rogers and was provided the correct settings.  i know have it working properly.  
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