Lambda expressions and the Action<Object> delegate, further question

Hi I've looked through the documentation on Action<T> that I though was the answer to a similar question posted a few days ago, and I still don't understand how a delegate typed as Action<T> can represent a method which has no input parameters e.g. methods like:

e.g. see

In several examples of using Action<T> in Delegate commands, methods are being sent to the execute method using lambda expressions that output methods which don't themselves required any input paramters.

I think I must be missing something here. Can anybody help explain this apparent anomoly.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
I believe the disconnect is that you are seeing the Debug.Indent as one method, without any arguments, but that is not true.  You need to understand how lambda expressions work.  Lambda expressions are, in effect, anonymous methods that take one argument, and return a value.  In the case of the Action<T> delegate the return value is ignored.

This is the lambda expression that I am referring to, where the argument passed into the anonymous method is "x" (or the function pointer to the Debug.Indent method):

    ICommand _indentCommand =    new SimpleDelegateCommand( (x) => Debug.Indent() );


"This lambda expression is an anonymous method that takes one argument x, and returns x * 2.  In this case, the type of x and the type that the lambda returns are inferred from the type of the delegate to which the lambda is assigned."

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quentinAAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
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