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DFS files lost after being moved

Hi Experts,

We are experiencing a strange situation for one of our clients.

They have 2x 2003R2 servers with a dfs root share and sync files over a WAN link.
They need this to have the files locally as they are quite big and to have central backups.

The client machines are PC with XP/Vista and MACs (using SMB).

On a specific directory (about 80GB), from one day, in one site, the MACs could not see and browse the files anymore, although they were still "visible" from the PCs (on 1 server only)

We tried to fix that, but we did not find a solution.
So, we decided to MOVE those files to a new directory and they become visible again.

The next day, after full sync (that occured during the night), all the files were gone on both servers in the new directory.

We tried to restore those files from the backup (backupExec) to discover that the files were not backuped due to this bug/feature/issue with backupExec:

We tried to restore the files from the ConflictAndDeleted directory with this script
but only few files (about 400MB) were recovered (unfortunately, none from the directory we were looking for).
We also tried to restore the ConflictAndDeleted directory at different dates to see if we could get access to the files, but no luck.
The staging quota is set to 4GB.

What happened when we moved the files ?
Is it a known issue ?
Is there any other way to restore those files ?

Thanks for your help.
1 Solution
Joseph DalyCommented:
A similar situation happened to me and unfortunatlely I have some bad news for you.

 When you moved the files the DFS server treated them as deleted since they were no longer in the directory. It then went about its normaly actions of synching the changes from one DFS server to the other in effect removing the 80GB worth of data from the server.

The script that you ran probably worked as expected however since the conflict and deleted folder was only 400mb the data was 80gb it overwrote and flushed the conflict and delete folder about 20 times while it was deleting the files.

The same thing happened to me with a 20gb share and after a 250 dollar call to Microsoft support I was only able to recover approximately 100mb of useful data. We ended up paying a data recovery company (ontrack) to attempt to retrieve some files. It cost us a decent amount of money but we were able to get back about 18gb worth of data although we did lose file and folder structure in the process. Basically they just gave us a directory with lots recovered files in it.
TheGoodiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

We tried various things to recover the data but without any luck.
We are going to try the "ontrack" avenue

Thanks for the fast reply and you get the points.
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