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I am setting up a web server in windows 2008.

I have a Linksys AM300 Modem connected vi a cable straight to the Server.

I have turned DHCP off on the modem and have configured the server.

I have a static IP from my ISP.

What do I need to do the Modem to forward TCP requests to my server so I can have host websites. I would like to host more than one website on the server and would like to only use the one Static IP (My ISP charges through the roof for more than one) I am using Server 2008 With IIS.

Any help would be appreciated.
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tamaneriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I believe you just need to locate the port forwarding section on the router/modem. This would be the Linksys device.

I'm assuming your server has a static internal IP address (192.168.1.x).

In the port forwarding on the Linksys device, you need to forward port 80 to your server's internal address.
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tamaneri

The modems IP Address is and the servers IP address is

Neil RussellConnect With a Mentor Technical Development LeadCommented:
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