DPM Site-to-Site Replication

I am reviewing DPM 2010 for a disaster recovery solution.

Is there a built in feature in DPM 2010 for a live Site-to-Site replication.  I cannot seem to find any information on this.

I have my live MOSS 2007 farm and would like a live copy-farm (including solutions) in another location.

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Although I have not used 2010 yet as it is still in Beta, we are using DPM 2007. How it works is it monitors block level changes at all of your sites and copies them back to your central datastore where your DPM server is located. Then after doing disk based backup it does tape based backup. It works very similar to DFS replication.
I do not know of a way to technically do a site to site replication of the datastore. I am hoping there is a feature in 2010 for this but there isn't in 2007.
However, it is a fairly good solution for doing a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup with several sites. 2010 will have a great new set of feature for Sharepoint (which it is currently lacking on) such as item level restores without a recovery farm.  
FrederalyAuthor Commented:
I have read that 2010 supports site-to-site replication.  There is just no overview or white paper on exactly what they mean by that.  I guess I will have to get in contact with MSDN, or keep playing with the beta release.


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