Sonicwall VPN Client license activation

One of our clients recently purchased a 5-pack license for the Sonicwall Global VPN Client(GVC). The sonicwall itself is a TZ180 running SonicOS Standard

My question is this: what, if anything, do I need to do to activate this license on the firewall?

There are a couple of places in the Firewall UI that show License information. On the Status page it has a "Security Services" box that shows the license for GVC as "not licensed." On the System>Licenses page it shows the GVC as "not licensed."

However when I go to the "Manage Security Services Online" section,  where I log into the company's SonicWall website account, the license does show as active for 5 clients. We know that they accepted our money as we have the emailed receipt, plus the activation key.

I tried putting in the activation key they sent us, but everywhere they have to enter keys into says that the key has been used already.

Is there a firmware upgrade I need to do? Some secret button to push to get the firewall to understand that we have paid the money and it should shell out the connections? I would ask Sonicwall themselves but they won't let us talk to an "engineer" without reactivating the service contract.
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SteveConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Check the online account which syncs with the sonicwall and if its not showing speak to their support people - also check your sonicwall's DNS settings to ensure they are correct.
DataVelocityAuthor Commented:

When Im on the sonicwall ui I can log into the website account and it shows there. Is there a delay for the sync? Sometime over night maybe? If so is there anyway I can make it sync?
DataVelocityAuthor Commented:
Right so I found the answer:

On the Security Services tab, on the left-hand navigation pane, at the middle of the page there is a "Syncronize" button that syncs the license information to the SonicWall website. I clicked that and the GVC licenses updated to be the 5-pack we bought.
DataVelocityAuthor Commented:
I had to locate the Syncronize button myself, but thanks for giving me a bump in the right direction
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