how to change site from HTTPS to HTTP except for one page

I have a web server running Tomcat/Apache. It uses HTTPS with a self-signed SSL certificate and all traffic for port 80 gets redirected to port 443.  In the httpd.conf file Apache redirects all port 80 traffic to port 8080. Tomcat runs on this port and uses 443 as the proxyPort.  However, things have changed and we only want to redirect one page (eg. the login page) and the rest of the site to go to port 80.  What's the best method to do this?
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Take out the redirect from 80 to 443 and simply have your login page link as
LCGS-NINDS-DIRAuthor Commented:
How do you get that one page appear only as 443 and not 80?

Is this done in Apache or Tomcat?
You can do it in Apache.
LCGS-NINDS-DIRAuthor Commented:
Not enough info provided but I figured it out given the clues entered
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