Problem with joomla


My friend hosts some pages for me and I am having trouble changing templates or doing major work with Joomla.

I think it is a security setting because i can work on a development page in XAMPP and I do not have the same security problems and can change templates and do the serious stuff.

I have gone into the control panel and navigated to System Info, Directory permissions on the server and have found this:

administrator/backups/ Unwritable
administrator/components/ Unwritable
administrator/language/ Unwritable
administrator/language/en-GB/ Unwritable
administrator/modules/ Unwritable
administrator/templates/ Unwritable
components/ Unwritable
images/ Writable
images/banners/ Writable
images/stories/ Writable
language/ Unwritable
language/en-GB/ Unwritable
language/pdf_fonts/ Unwritable
media/ Writable
modules/ Unwritable
plugins/ Unwritable
plugins/content/ Unwritable
plugins/editors/ Unwritable
plugins/editors-xtd/ Unwritable
plugins/search/ Unwritable
plugins/system/ Unwritable
plugins/user/ Unwritable
plugins/xmlrpc/ Unwritable
templates/ Unwritable
Cache Directory MY WEBSITE NAME  Unwritable
Cache Directory MY WEBSITE NAME Unwritable
Log Directory ($log_path) MY WEBSITE NAME Unwritable
Temp Directory ($tmp_path) MY WEBSITE NAME Writable

How do I get it so I can change items I need to writable. I have tried a few things linke in ftp, changing directory permissions on some key files and folders but have had no luck.

What do i need to tell my friends server so he can make the right canges on my behalf if its a server issue?

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Try Chmodding all the directories to 666 or I believe there is a tool to check Joomla Permissions. By Chmodding to 666 the scripts can access and run each other along with being able to edit it's templates and the such. do not chmod them to 777 or the public will be able to execute, read and write to these files.
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
I went into file Zilla, right clicked on the website directory for that site and selected file permissions.

I choose all sub directories then let it do its work.

Some files and folders changes but a lot said it was unable to.

i went back into system info in joomla and still I am unable to make changes.

Does my friend need to change settings on his host?
you actually have to select the files inside and chmod them to 666 also not just the directory

No he does not need to change settings.

Besides the folders being chmodded to 666 so the do the files. I'm trying to look for a plugin that will check joomla permissions. I will update if I find it or if the chmodding the files doesn't work.
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ben_watersAuthor Commented:
How do I chmod? I know this is a command line, but how do I get access to a command line?
What FTP software are you using or what type of file browser does your web hosting use?
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
I am not sure what file browser, i dont think it is windows server. I am using filezilla for FTP
when you have the files in the browser window of filezilla highlight them all.

Right click on the highlighted files click properties or permissions what ever the program has and then there should be a section to set file permissions
ben_watersAuthor Commented:
Thank you Krzyview,

I did that and did the file permissions thing and it did the change to some files but not others.

Could it be a permissions thing my friend has set on his server for my account, so as to prevent some changes?
It's very possible. Especially if your using apache. If you are not the owner of the files them selves then you may have to have your friend change the file permissions as he should be ADMIN or you may have to have hosting company change the owners of the files if the owner is user 99. Anything owned by user 99 is Apache owned.

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