Application.executablepath - to specify the path for the htm file


When debugging my application, i call this method which loads the webbrowser and this in turn loads the javascript file.(First 2 lines)
When i create a set up & deployment project, i assume, i have to use the application.executable path i guess. So, i replaced the exe with the htm file here.
But it does not load the webbrowser and the map.
Why is the map not loading in run mode?
Public Sub LoadMap()

      'Debug mode - works (Testing purposes, i give this path to the html file.) . In Debug mode, application.executablepath also works.
         'Me.WebBrowser1.Url = New Uri("D:\App Folder\Test_TransMgr\TRMgrProject\GeoLocateMaintenance.htm")
         'Me.WebBrowser1.ObjectForScripting = Me
      'Running Exe - Fails
         Dim abc As String = Nothing
         abc = Application.ExecutablePath.Replace("TRMgrProject.EXE", "GeoLocateMaintenance")
               'abc = Application.StartupPath.Replace("bin\Debug\", "GeoLocateMaintenance")
              Me.WebBrowser1.Url = New Uri(abc)
               Me.WebBrowser1.ObjectForScripting = Me
    End Sub

Thanks in Advance
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Make sure your file is being output to the assembly's directory. You can change the "Copy to Output Directory" property of the html file in the solution explorer. In your setup project make sure you add the content files (which are marked as "Content" in the solution explorer) to be copied to the application folder.

Then you should be able to just use the application startup path.

Dim abc As String
abc = Application.StartupPath & "\GeoLocateMaintenance.htm"

Me.TextBox1.Text = abc 'Ignore this line. I used a textbox to confirm the path.
Me.WebBrowser1.Url = New Uri(abc)

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Application.StartupPath  won't always work. Change your code to:

 abc = Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location) & "\GeoLocateMaintenance.htm"
rowternetAuthor Commented:
Hi, theplonk,

Including the content files made the difference.
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