How to filter or compare SharePoint Calendar Events by time

This is in regards to SharePoint Calendars and filtering.

Say you have an Event at 8AM to 12PM, I want a filter that will show this Event IF the CURRENT TIME is within 8AM to 12PM.   Essentially I want to create a list that will show events that are happening this very moment.

You'd think you could compare the start time or end time with [today] but while [today] will give you the current day, it does NOT drill down to the specific time.   Trying to use [today] will cause all events of that day to show up.  Perhaps what I'm looking for is a [now] but of course there is no such function.

I'm researching content editor web parts and seeing if I can filter views with java script but I don't know if I'll be running to a dead end.  

The question is.... is what I'm looking for possible??? or am I heading into a dead end, in which case I can stop looking.


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If you using MOSS you can use TIME(hour,minute,second) function just like you have done for TODAY.
Philx1234567Author Commented:
I am using MOSS.

Time(hour,minute,second) "Returns the decimal number for a particular time." implying that I have to enter a particular time for that function.   I don't want to enter anything, I want a function that will return the current date & time.

[today] will fill in the current date for you as a point of comparison.   So I can compare [today] with  4/1/2010 for example.   I can see if [today] is before or after 4/1/2010.  

I want a [now] so to speak.   A point of comparision that is specific to the TIME of day.   If I use [now] it would give me the current date and the current TIME of it being called.
there is no out of the box function that can provide this information.
I found 2 links that may provide some ideas for workarounds.
This one provides an idea on using javascript to hide rows that do not contain today
I believe you can take this further, if you use the javascript getTime() function and combine it with soma calculated columns that contain the start hour and end hour, using HOUR(column).

Another interesting idea is the one that this page presents:

I have to say that I haven't tried them, so I do not know if they work.
I only used getTime to display today date and hour at page loading.

Hope this give you some ideas.

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Philx1234567Author Commented:
Thanks for responding.   This has been passed to someone else to try to figure out so personally I'm done with this yay.
Philx1234567Author Commented:
Best answer possible without giving code.
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