Different way to deploy W7 via MDT 2010?

Hello, Been working on MDT and Windows 7 Deployment..very cool so far, and annying at the same time.

However, I have a couple questions.

1. I have been use to using Rdeploy to deploy XP images, now doing it through MDT/WDS is a bit diffeent. It seems like when I deploy a W7 image via WDS/MDT, it goes through the entire install (copying windows files / expanding windows files / installing features / etc... on the client pc...takes forever. Is there a way to bring down the image quicker? Like it was using rdeploy? Or do I have to wait for it to do the entire OS install and add my custom wim?

2. How can I change the text in Installation Progress? --where it says 'IT Organization'...any ideas?

3. Can I change the PE background during boot?

4. And for my clarification - Is the Unattend.xml basically the same as my CustomSettings.ini? or what are the differences?

5. If I capture an image, import into MDT along with the full source files, what do I do if I want to modify that captureed image in the future? Is the WIM just the changes? Meaning I can load the mentiond image, add more modificationg/changes, then re-sysprep and use that new WIM as well? I would then have 2 custom WIMs and full source in the Deployment share....hope that makes sense. just looking for best practice to modify base images.....

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1. The normal process is to install one referenece computer with an unattended image, then capture it (capture task sequence) and then deploy the captured wim image (standard client task sequence). On the deploy process the captured image is just applied to the computer which is faster then the unattended (approx. 30 minutes)
2. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrosd/thread/142ef218-02ba-4d91-8c0e-35f6e9b5f74b
3. The PE background can be changed directly on the PE image settings: http://henrysluiman.com/images/Change_MDT_2010_background.png
I don't think there you can change during boot
4. MDT is based on the basic deployment technology. The custom setting is a file which is easier to handle for the admin, but in the background there still used a unattend.xml
5. Yes you can load an image, do changes and again capture it. BUT: There are limitations on the count of doing the sysprep process. You can also mount the image to the harddisk to be able to make some offline changes like files, registry, slipstream updates and drivers...
partnersmvzAuthor Commented:
Just need clarification on the last question.
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