Will IFMEMBER identify Global Groups

Earlier I posted a question regarding the IFMEMBER command, and though I had it figured out, thanks to the advice of Experts-Exchange.  On closer inspection, however, I see the program does not display, nor test for Global Groups.  

Any ideas?


Bruce Leypoldt
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If you're delving into all manner of groups, you may want to check out Kixtart scripting, which handles a wild variety of tests, from groups, ADSI, ADO and WMI, among others. They can be found at http://www.kixtart.org/
MHCITAuthor Commented:
Actually, I finally go IFMEMBER tow work.  I had forgotten to log the user off and back on after adding them to a given Group.

Now, I need the proper syntax to test for multiple group memberships for a given user.  If the User is in either of these groups, I want to map a drive.  Example:

IFMEMBER (Group1, Group2, Group3)
if errorlevel 1
net use x: \\mhc01\data

I'm sure the syntax I have for IFMEMBER is not correct, and need someone to tell me how to fix it.


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