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Hi Everyone,

Our Company is looking to purchase some software to maintain our desktops for better performance and to deploy software on Remote systems.
Can anyone suggest me some good software that are available in the market at present for this purpose please?

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Symantec Altiris is a great product.  I would stay away from CA's CMS.
I recommend Zenith Infotech.  You can see them at

They have a great managed services platform for consultants that allows you to do remote maintenance and service.  It monitors certain aspects of the servers and desktops and notifies you if the systems fall out of spec.

Take a look.  I use it for all my clients.  It's not very expensive, either.
Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
Seeing as you have this in the RDP section, have you ruled out a Citrix/RemoteApp deployment?

A well deployed terminal server farm can breathe life into older systems and standardize deployment/updating of software, not to mention simplify it.  

Aside from that, Microsoft SCCM is very good at doing exactly what you require.  You can grab a trial from the Microsoft website and give it a whirl:

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ApachiAuthor Commented:
I came across this software called Spiceworks for Montioring internal network etc.
It does not have facility for remote software deployment though.
If you have a Technet or  MSDN  subscription you can download and evaluate the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP):  "...MDOP is also available for test and evaluation for MSDN* and TechNet** subscribers in accordance with MSDN and TechNet agreements..."
The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a dynamic desktop solution that is available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers.
Agree. I'm also working a lot with SCCM and like it :)
As the lead technician for a company where I manage about 290 systems, I have recently implemented a system for maintenance and deployment. Our requirements are fairly difficult ones, however, as our systems are a mix of Windows, MAC, and Linux/BSD, though primarily Windows. We also manage a number of Cyber Cafe PCs, and often times remote management/software deployment suites don't handle video games very well, given that they normally aren't distributed with MSI packages.

The questions you need to answer first are:
(1) How customizable by the end user are the client systems? Will they be doing things like installing their own printers, software, etc., or are the clients somewhat homogenous (or homogenous within classes of PCs)?
(2) How many PCs are you managing?
(3) What kind of network infrastructure are they all on (i.e. what kind of network resources are available for processes like cloning over the network?)
(4) What type of software is being deployed remotely, and is it available as a Windows Installed (MSI) package?

It's very possible that a proper Domain Controller on the network will provide about 90% of the functionality you need out of the box. I'd recommend Server 2008, as in my experience, it is more stable and generally easier to manage than older versions (Server 2003 was a mess).

A Server 2008 domain controller will allow you to centralize logins, event reporting, and will give you very granular control over certain optimizations via the Group Policies (i.e. disabling unused services, setting registry values, etc.). It will also allow you to deploy applications distributed in MSI format. You can also use Microsoft's remote deployment toolkit to deploy software, though I forget the exact name of the software.

As far as maintenance goes, I have found that no single software suite really fit our situation. You may need to combine such tools was WUInstall (by Xerox), PageDefrag, JKDefrag, etc.. with a batch script to give you nightly, weekly, and monthly maintenance routines - you can then setup scheduled tasks through the GPO which will run at the specified times on every member of the domain with the GPO assigned.

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