Redirect SMTP to an SMTP relay server


we are an ISP, and we are suffering from many Spams are being sent out our network. Now, I want to redirect the all the outgoing SMTP traffic to the SMTP relay server where I can scan them with the Anti-spam software.

I know that I can redirect the traffic using the PBR, but can any body tell me what's the required configuration in that case?

I have a Cisco 7606 router, and the SMTP relay server is 4 hops away.

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Hi Ameer,

I've thought about your problem and this is what i've come up with. what concerns me though is i don't know how the relay server works. However if all you want is getting that traffic to the relay then this might help.

 |                                                              |
 |                                                              |
Fa0/0(incoming if)                                y.y.y.y (smtp relay server)

We create a GRE tunnel between R1 and R5. Consider that the tunnel IP address on R5 is x.x.x.5.

Then use the following commands on R1 for PBR

access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 25

route-map smtprelay
match ip address 101
set ip next-hop x.x.x.5

Interface fa0/0
ip policy route-map smtprelay

Now on R5 use PBR as well.

access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq smtp

route-map smtprelay
match  ip address 101
set ip next-hop y.y.y.y

Interface Tunnel0
ip policy route-map smtprelay

That should get your smtp traffic to your server.

As for the GRE tunnel, if R1 and R5 both have accessible ips and resp, then

Interface Tunnel0
ip address x.x.x.1
tunnel source
tunnel destination

Interface Tunnel0
Ip address x.x.x.5
tunnel source
tunnel destination

Hope this helps

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What other ISP's have done. Is just blocked all outgoing smtp and told all of their customers to use their relay.

ameer_mahmoodAuthor Commented:
Hi Stephrn c01,

can you please mention some big ISPs who have done that?

stephen_c01Commented: - comcast

I know does it, because my client has their DSL service.
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